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New article on construct-related validity of assessment centers

Following an external construct validation approach, we examined whether linking assessment centre overall dimension ratings to ratings of the same dimensions that stem from sources external to the assessment centre provides evidence for construct-related validity of assessment centre ratings. We used data from one laboratory assessment centre sample and two field samples. External ratings of the same dimensions stemmed from assessees, assessees’ supervisors, and customers. Results converged across all three samples and showed that different dimension-same source correlations within the assessment centres were larger than same dimension-different source correlations. Hence, consistent results across the three samples provide no support that assessment centre overall dimension ratings and ratings of the same dimensions from other sources can be attributed to dimension factors.

Wirz, A., Melchers, K. G., Kleinmann, M., Lievens, F., Annen, H., Blum, U., & Ingold, P. V. (2020). Do overall dimension ratings from assessment centers show external construct-related validity? European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 29(3), 405-420.