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New article on self-promotion climate in work groups accepted

Self-promotion refers to behaviors used to appear competent and capable (e.g., highlighting one’s talents and making others aware of one’s accomplishments). We demonstrated that work group self-promotion climate – referring to the shared perception of the occurrence of self-promotion in the work group – shapes the relationships between individuals’ supervisor-focused self-promotion and supervisor ratings of both job performance and promotability. These relationships were positive when self-promotion climate was low. Moreover, we demonstrated that self-promotion climate negatively relates to supervisor-rated work group performance via impaired work group cohesion. Taken together, our findings highlight that high self-promotion climate is not necessarily a good thing, and can actually impair group cohesion and performance.

*Gross, C., *Debus, M. E., Ingold, P. V., & Kleinmann, M. (in press):  Too much self-promotion! How self-promotion climate relates to employees’ supervisor-focused self-promotion effectiveness and their work group’s performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior.