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New article on self-verifying behavior in job interviews

Although research demonstrates that self-verification striving can have positive outcomes in the hiring process, it remains unclear how this drive to present oneself authentically manifests in candidates’ behavior during job interviews. We examine whether self-verifying behavior, including revelation of negative information about the self, is related to success in job interviews. Study 1 showed that self-verification striving among 112 MBA students predicted their self-verifying behavior during mock job interviews, which in turn led to success in converting interviews into actual offers 6 months later. Using a sample of 102 recent job seekers, Study 2 showed that self-verification striving was associated with the extent to which candidates disclosed negative information about themselves during real job interviews, ultimately predicting their interview success.

Wilhelmy, A., Stühlinger, M., Kim, K., Taphuntsang, D., & König, C. J. (2020). Does self-verifying behavior in job interviews help secure job offers, even if it reveals negative information about the self? International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 28(4), 430-444.