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Psychologisches Institut Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

New article on qualitative research in work and organizational psychology

Qualitative research methods are a powerful set of tools that play an important role in the scientific knowledge generation cycle. Yet the role of qualitative research in knowledge generation in the WOP field is unclear. The aim of this position paper is to showcase the value of qualitative research methods for the progress of WOP research. We offer an empirical overview and evaluation of observed practices and explore methodological challenges that appear to be prevalent. Furthermore, we discuss future opportunities for harnessing the hitherto untapped potential of qualitative methods for exploring pertinent and timely WOP research questions. Throughout this paper, we wish to encourage thoughtful discussion of how qualitative methods can be used to constructively contribute to scientific knowledge generation in the WOP field.

Wilhelmy, A., & Köhler, T. (2021). Qualitative research in work and organizational psychology journals: Practices and future opportunities. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.