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New article for an edited special issue in recruitment and selection (EJWOP)

In this review, we synthesize and integrate the findings from around 40 meta-analyses and literature reviews from the last decade to identify the most recent meta-trends and future research directions in the selection and recruitment research and practice. We organize our key findings around three superordinate areas: a) recent developments in selection research, covering findings on validities of selection methods, expanding the criterion space, and applicant reactions and impression management; b) recent developments in recruitment research, paying attention to the evidence around recruitment methods and applicant attraction; and c) new technology in recruitment and selection. We concur with the vast literature in that selection and recruitment research is a vibrant field, which we expect will address a number of ongoing political, cultural, technological, societal, and employment regulations-related issues.

Kristina Potočnik, Neil R. Anderson, Marise Born, Martin Kleinmann & Ioannis Nikolaou (2021). Paving the way for research in recruitment and selection: recent developments, challenges and future opportunities, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.