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  • New article on reactions to perceived overqualification and formal work arrangements accepted

    This recently accepted study points to the (de)motivating role of formal work arrangements in the context of perceived overqualification.


    Debus, M. E., Körner, B., Wang, M., & Kleinmann, M. (in press). Reacting to perceived overqualification: Uniting strain-based and self-regulatory adjustment reactions and the moderating role of formal work arrangements. Journal of Business and Psychology.

  • Semesterpreis Frühjahrssemester 2022

    Der diesjährige Semesterpreis im Frühjahrssemester 2022 wurde an Cédric Lüthi für seine Masterarbeit zum Thema "Flexible Work Arrangements and Employee Withdrawal verliehen". 

  • Award from the Network of Leadership Scholars

    The Network of Leadership Scholars presented the award for Most Promising Research Proposal to Amelie Güntner, Martin Kleinmann, and Pia Ingold for their proposal entitled "Understanding Adaptive Leadership: Antecedents and Consequences of Leadership Cognition and Behavior for Situationally-Appropriate Leadership" at this year's Academy of Management (AOM) conference.

  • New article on employer reviews

    New article on online employer reviews accepted for publication in International Journal of Selection and Assessment


    Kollitz, R., Ruhle, S., & Wilhelmy, A. How to deal with negative online employer reviews: An application of image repair theory. Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment. (Open Access Publication)

  • Lecturer Job

    Barbara Körner wechselt zum 1. Februar 2022 auf eine Lecturer Position an die Business School der Universität Leeds, UK.

  • New article on how realistic job previews influence applicant self-presentation

    Can employers use realistic job previews to encourage applicants to open up in job interviews? This research question was examined in a recent study by Annika Wilhelmy and colleagues published in the International Journal of Selection and Assessment.


    Wilhelmy, A., Truxillo, D. M., & Funk, F. (2022). Reciprocity or backfiring? Examining the influence of realistic job previews on applicants’ willingness to self-disclose and use image protection tactics. International Journal of Selection and Assessment.

  • Herzlich willkommen!

    Johanna Bayon promoviert seit 1. Januar 2022 am Lehrstuhl auf einem SNF-Projekt von Anna Luca Heimann. 

  • Professorship

    Pia Ingold tritt zum 1. Januar 2022 eine Professur an der Universität Kopenhagen an, nachdem sie zuvor einen Ruf an die MSB abgelehnt hatte.

  • New article on qualitative research in work and organizational psychology

    Qualitative research methods are a powerful set of tools that play an important role in the scientific knowledge generation cycle. Yet the role of qualitative research in knowledge generation in the WOP field is unclear. The aim of this position paper is to showcase the value of qualitative research methods for the progress of WOP research.


    Wilhelmy, A., & Köhler, T. (2021). Qualitative research in work and organizational psychology journals: Practices and future opportunities. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology.

  • Mentoring Award

    Martin Kleinmann erhält den UZH Mentoring Award 2021. Martin Kleinmann erhält als eine von drei Gewinner:innen den UZH Mentoring Award 2021 des Graduate Campus.

  • Führungskompetenzen bei Professuren

    Führungs- und Sozialkompetenzen im Rahmen von Berufungsverfahren an der UZH zu erkennen, ist Ziel eines Projekts, das inhaltlich von Isabelle Odermatt und Martin Kleinmann begleitet wird. Mehr Informationen rund um das Projekt gibt es in diesem Artikel

  • Konferenz zu Personalauswahl und Rekrutierung

    Die 6. ENESER Konferenz fand vom 31. August bis 2. September 2021 in Zürich statt.

  • New article on self-promotion climate in work groups accepted

    Self-promotion refers to behaviors used to appear competent and capable (e.g., highlighting one’s talents and making others aware of one’s accomplishments). Our recent publication on self-promotion shows that high self-promotion climate is not necessarily a good thing, and can actually impair group cohesion and performance.

    *Gross, C., *Debus, M. E., Ingold, P. V., & Kleinmann, M. (2021). Too much self-promotion! How self-promotion climate relates to employees’ supervisor-focused self-promotion effectiveness and their work group’s performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

  • Neuer Artikel zur Messung von Persönlichkeit im Assessment Center veröffentlicht

    Wir haben eine Studie zu den Chancen und Potentialen von verhaltensbasierten Persönlichkeitsmessungen im Assessment Center im Personnel Psychology veröffentlicht.

  • New article how newcomers’ self-presentation affects socialization outcomes

    New study published in Journal of Applied Psychology showing how newcomers can achieve desirable socialization outcomes by enacting social influence on organizational insiders with self-presentation, extending the literatures on both self-presentation and newcomer socialization.

    Gross, C., Debus, M. E., Liu, Y., Wang, M., & Kleinmann, M. (2021). I am nice and capable! How and when newcomers’ self-presentation to their supervisors affects socialization outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(7), 1067–1079.

  • Personalkommission der UZH

    Martin Kleinmann als Präsident der Personalkommission bestätigt.

  • Barbara Körner wird promoviert

    Barbara Körner schliesst ihre Dissertation erfolgreich ab.

  • New article for an edited special issue in recruitment and selection (EJWOP)

    In this review published in EJWOP, we synthesize and integrate the findings from around 40 meta-analyses and literature reviews from the last decade to identify the most recent meta-trends and future research directions in the selection and recruitment research and practice.

  • Herzlich willkommen!

    Nathalie von Rooy und Amelie Güntner sind seit 1. März 2021 neue Mitglieder unseres Lehrstuhls.

  • Neue Professur für Maike Debus

    Die ehemalige Mitarbeiterin Maike Debus wechselt zum 1. Februar 2021 auf eine Professur an die Universität Neuenburg.

  • Akkolade “Teacher of the Hour”

    Annika Wilhelmy wird mit der Akkolade “Teacher of the Hour” für ihre Online-Lehre gewürdigt.

  • Herzlich willkommen!

    Chantal Utzinger promoviert seit November 2020 zum Thema Effektivität von Führungsverhalten. 

  • New article on impression management adaptation in job interviews

    Although research has long examined applicants’ use of impression management (IM) behaviors in the interview, interviewers’ IM has only been recently investigated, and no research has attempted to combine both. The aim of this research was to examine whether and how applicants and interviewers adapt their IM to one another.


    Wilhelmy, A., Roulin, N., & Wingate, T. G. (2020). Does it take two to tango? Examining how applicants and interviewers adapt their impression management to each other. Journal of Business and Psychology, 36(6), 1053–1076.

  • New article on motivational and cognitive processes during work stress surveys (EJWOP)

    To deepen our understanding of motivational and cognitive processes when individuals respond to work stress surveys, we used a qualitative, grounded theory approach. The findings of this study suggest that more specific and context-rich wording of items may lead to a more reliable and comparable assessment of stressors and resources at work.

  • New article on self-verifying behavior in job interviews

    Although research demonstrates that self-verification striving can have positive outcomes in the hiring process, it remains unclear how this drive to present oneself authentically manifests in candidates’ behavior during job interviews. We examine whether self-verifying behavior, including revelation of negative information about the self, is related to success in job interviews.


    Wilhelmy, A., Stühlinger, M., Kim, K., Taphuntsang, D., & König, C. J. (2020). Does self-verifying behavior in job interviews help secure job offers, even if it reveals negative information about the self? International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 28(4), 430-444.

  • New article about cross-country effect of job insecurity

    In the present research, we examine whether masculinity, both as a country-level value and an individual orientation, moderates the relationship between job insecurity and job attitudes. Our research highlights that country-level and individual masculinity orientations yield comparable effects in the job insecurity appraisal process, and provides insight into how cultural values can be enacted at the individual level.

  • Corona Studie

    SRF bringt Anfang Mai 2020 in dem Magazin Einstein einen Beitrag zum Arbeiten in Zeiten von Corona. 

  • Herzlich willkommen!

    Am 1. April 2020 beginnt Nina Beck als Assistentin am Lehrstuhl.

  • New article on construct-related validity of assessment centers

    Following an external construct validation approach, we examined whether linking assessment centre overall dimension ratings to ratings of the same dimensions that stem from sources external to the assessment centre provides evidence for construct-related validity of assessment centre ratings.