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Psychologisches Institut

Peer Mentoring Projekt R Group (R)

Goals of the Peer Mentoring Group

The R group aims to connect R users with a background in psychology and related empirical sciences. Bringing together R users from different labs and different academic career stages is at the center of the R Group’s mission. We aim to create an engaging environment for members to mentor each other on career planning in general, and on working with R in particular. We are commited to create an environment where peers who are passionate about developing their R skills can learn from each other, extend their knowledge and broaden their career goals and opportunities. We seek to achieve this main aim with two types of group activities: hands-on R workshops and career development opportunities.

First, we regularly organize workshops with local and international experts in the field to expand our analytic knowledge and stay up-to- date with cutting-edge developments in advanced analytical methods with R. The main focus points are longitudinal analyses (e.g. multi-level analyses and structural equation modeling), data visualization and general workflow. Second, we aim to offer opportunities for the group members to proactively learn about planning career development. The doctoral and post-doctoral training we receive at the University of Zurich qualifies us for a variety of different career paths inside and outside academia. Yet, navigating these different options and possibilities isn’t always easy and straightforward. To this end, we organize a career talk series, roundtable discussions and other workshops.

Upcoming workshops

  • Within-person longitudinal models with Dr. Lydia Speyer (University of Lancaster) September 12th, 13:30-17:30 and September 13th, 13:30-17:30

  • Bayesian vs. frequentist approaches to statistical inference with Prof. Carolin Strobl and Prof. Klaus OberauerMonday 30th October at 15:30


Past workshops


  • Clean coding with Anna Skrzydlo

  • Network analysis with Jill de Ron (University of Amsterdam)


  • Writing functions with Dr. Yannick Rothacher (University of Zurich)
  • Missing Data Analysis with Dr. Iris Eekhout (TNO)
  • Shapes of Developmental Change with Prof. Ethan McCormick (Leiden University)


  • Dos and Donts of ggplot with Dr. Cédric Scherer
  • Modelling Intensive Longitudinal Data with Dr. Oisin Ryan (Utrecht University)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning by Dr. Ben Meuleman (University of Geneva)
  • StatTag with Prof. Leah Welty and Luke Rasmussen (Northwestern University)
  • Introduction to Propensity Score Methods by Dr. Tony Tong (Yale University)
  • Bayesian Model Comparison by Dr. Julia Haaf (University of Amsterdam)
  • Power analysis in Multilevel Models by Prof. Dr. Marc Brysbaert (Ghent University)


  • Next generation tools for cross-lagged panel models by Dr. Marcus Mund (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)


  • Bayesian multilevel analysis with R package “brms” by Dr. Paul-Christian Bürkner (Universität Münster)
  • Structural equation modeling with R package "lavaan" by Prof. Dr. Yves Rosseel (Ghent University)
  • Programming in the R package "tidyverse" by Dr. Kirill Müller ("Zurich R Courses")
  • Good practices in working with R Studio by Dr. Dries Debeer (University of Zurich)


Past career talks


  • Should I stay or should I go? Expectations of mobility in academia with Dr. Astrid Habenstein, Dr. Tabea Hässler and Dr. Sara Kroll

  • Prof. Dr. Jutta Joormann: Growing up in science


  • Dr. Gabriela Orellana Corrales: Head of Content Kyan Health
  • Dr. Christine Wyss: co-founder of the Institute for Mental Health
  • Networking in Person and Online with Prof. Lilly Shanahan and Prof. Nora Raschle (University of Zurich)


  • Dr. Marie-José Kolly: journalist at Republik Magazin


  • Dr. Susanne Tönsmann: Managing director of the Participatory Science Academy at the University of Zürich


  • Dr. Michaela Knecht: Lecturer and researcher at the Hochschule für Angewandte Psychologie (FHNW). 
  • Dr. Sabrina Guye: Real-world data scientist at Roche. 
  • Dr. Irene Meier: Product and innovation manager at Altoida, Inc.


Group members

The R Group peer mentoring group consisting of PhD students, Postdocs, and senior researchers from multiple faculties of the UZH (mainly from the Department of Psychology, but also the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, Psychiatric University Hospital, and Epidemiology). 

New members are welcome!

If you are interested to join the R group, please contact the organizers:

*** The R Group is supported by the Graduate Campus.