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Networking Events

HS 19

The Mittelbau Event provides a platform for exchange and networking.


In Summer 2019, we organized a Pub Quiz in which members of the Mittelbau had to team up with colleagues they didn't know and find the answers to extraordinary questions. The whole evening was hosted by our colleague Huw Swanborough. 

HS 18

Fotos Event HS18

In December 2018, the second Mittelbau Christmas party was held at the Institute of Psychology. This year, members of the Mittelbau gathered together for a special Casino night with Poker, Roulette and Black Jack. Afterwards, cheese fondue was served. 

FS 2018

Before the start of the world cup in summer 2018, we organised a table foosball tournament. Teams of two played against each other in a group stage, semi-finals and a final. Meanwhile, there was time to chat, have drinks and barbecue.

Event FS 2018



HS 2017

In December 2017, we organised a Christmas party at the institute. First we played some teambuilding games in different groups that changed. Members of the Mittelbau had to solve fun problems with people they usually don’t necessarily meet. Afterwards we had hot wine and fondue together.



FS 2017

In May 2017, we organised the first Mittelbau Summer-party. Members of the Mittelbau could get in contact in the casual setting of a barbecue open air party. Part of the event was a short introduction of the Mittelbau representatives who briefly explained what their job is. Afterwards, all guests could get the chance to talk to those who they don’t usually talk to in a speed dating game. In about four minutes the pairs talked about topics related to their job or the general field of psychology that were introduced by a short question on a piece of paper in front of them. 

Mittelbau Event 18 May 2017
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