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Psychologisches Institut Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

Veröffentlichungen / Publications Dr. Christian Gross

Peer-reviewed articles

Gross, C., Debus, M. E., Ingold, P. V., & Kleinmann, M. (in press):  Too much self-promotion! How self-promotion climate relates to employees’ supervisor-focused self-promotion effectiveness and their work group’s performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Gross, C., Debus, M. E., Liu, Y., Wang, M., & Kleinmann, M. (2020). I am nice and capable! How newcomers’ self-presentation to their supervisors affects their socialization outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1037/apl0000817

Debus, M. E., Gross, C., & Kleinmann, M. (2019). The power of doing: How job crafting transmits the beneficial impact of autonomy among overqualified employees. Journal of Business and Psychology. Advance online publication.