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Peer Mentoring Group Methods and Statistics (MuSt)

About us

We are a group of (mostly) early career researchers from all psychological disciplines, and related fields. Our goal is to further our knowledge on state of the art research methods, including study planning, data collection, and statistical analysis. In our monthly MuSt Labs, we try to answer any methods related questions our peers might have using our pooled knowledge. In our MuSt Inputs, our peers or external experts can share their expertise on a topic with the rest of us. We also organize MuSt Workshops, in which we invite international experts for mostly two day interactive sessions. It is our explicit goal to create an inclusive network of researchers with an interest in methodology across chairs, disciplines, and levels of expertise. 

Programme 2022


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Online Workshop with Michael Betancourt (Michigan Institute for Data Science, Michigan University)

Beyond BRMS: Stan for Psychologists


5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab (online) Q&A


5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab (online) Q&A
02.03.2022 5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab Q&A
06.04.2022 5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab Q&A
04.05.2022 5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab Q&A
01.06.2022 5.30 p.m. MuSt Lab Q&A

Leader board

Lisa Frisch (Social Psychology, UZH)

Simone Sebben (Social Psychology, UZH)

Valerie Schröder (Work and Organisational Psychology, UZH)

Get in touch

Ideas for future workshops? Questions? You want to join us? Send a mail!

Die MuSt Peer Mentoring Gruppe wird gefördert duch den Graduate Campus

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