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Psychologisches Institut Kognitive und verhaltensbasierte Entscheidungswissenschaften

Themen für Masterarbeiten

  • Informationen zur Masterarbeit
    If you are interested in writing your master's thesis with CBDR please contact the supervisor of a project as indicated below. We look forward to receiving a brief cover letter with a motivation why you apply for a particular project, what you hope to be able to learn, and with what kind of skills and experiences you will be able to contribute to the project.

    We encourage students who aim to write their master's thesis with CBDR to also complete the curricular internship in our group, as this can substantially enhance the learning opportunities in a given project.

    Please note that you may only book the module after having contacted the supervisor of a specific project.
    Betreuungsperson der Masterarbeit: Prof. Dr. R. Frey

Übersicht der Masterarbeitsthemen dieser Professur

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  • Meta-analyses on risky decision making

    Beschreibung: In this project we are meta-analyzing the empirical evidence on the validity and reliability of specific behavioral risk-taking tasks. One issue of such tasks is that they are often implemented very flexibly, making a general assessment of their performance difficult. This project is thus particularly well suited for persons who have a strong methodological and statistical interest / background and are eager to apply state-of-the-art meta-analytic techniques.
    Kontakt: Renato Frey, E-Mail

    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 27.07.2022)
  • Development and validation of experience-sampling app

    Beschreibung: At CBDR we are interested in measuring state-specific processes related to risky decision making in real-life contexts. To this end we have started to develop a smartphone app. The current project provides the opportunity to actively contribute to the further development, testing, and validation of this app. The project is thus particularly well suited for persons with a strong technology background and / or interest.
    Kontakt: Renato Frey, E-Mail

    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 27.07.2022)