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Psychologisches Institut Kognitive und verhaltensbasierte Entscheidungswissenschaften

Apps & Services

CBDR provides a number of apps and services. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for the correctness of these apps and particulary for external data that these apps may use. If you have any feedback we would appreciate you getting in touch with the respective contact persons.


This mobile app permits running ecological momentary assessments (EMA). For instance, easystudy permits collecting verbal protocols in situ, to thus study (e.g., using large language models) what kind of cognitive representations people form in specific everyday situations (e.g., whether or not to share data to access an online service; what is the risk for online fraud on a specific website; etc.).

Polarization simulation and analysis app

This app aims to convey an intuitive understanding of various operationalizations of polarization. To this end the app renders possible simulating different distributions, to thus evaluate the conclusions one would draw based on different operationalizations of polarization. Moreover, it is possible to explore the convergent validity of various operationalizations of polarization using multiple datasets.

Study cost calculator

This app helps estimating the costs for online studies on Amazon Mechnical Turk (incl. CloudResearch) or Prolific. Given the planned sample size, study length, hourly rate, and bonus per participant the app will provide a cost breakdown for each of the platforms.