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Dominique Recher

Dominique Recher, PhD

  • Postdoc

Curriculum vitae

Dominique studied psychology at the University of Zurich, where she completed her PhD on the associations of sleep with psychopathological symptoms and the consolidation and processing of emotional memories. She works as a clinical psychologist focusing on the treatment of post-traumatic stress and trauma-related disorders at the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich. Her research interests focus on the mechanisms underlying and/or enhancing psychological treatments, with particular interest in trauma-related disorders, consolidation of (emotional) memories, emotion regulation and their links to sleep.



Paersch, Christina; Recher, Dominique; Schulz, Ava; Heininger, Mirka; Schlup, Barbara; Künzler, Florian; Homan, Stephanie; Kowatsch, Tobias; Fisher, Aaron; Horn, Andrea B; Kleim, Birgit (2023). Self-efficacy effects on symptom experiences in daily life and early treatment success in anxiety patients

Schaeuffele, C., Meine, L., Schulz, A., Weber, M., Moser, A., Paersch, C., Recher, D., Boettcher, J., Rennberg, B., Flückiger, C. & Kleim, B. (2023). A systematic review and meta-analysis of transdiagnostic cognitive behavioural therapies for emotional disorders. Nat Hum Behav (2024).

Wade-Bohleber, Laura Maria; Haugg, Amelie; Huber, Sabrina; Ernst, Jutta; Grimm, Simone; Recher, Dominique; Richter, Andre; Seifritz, Erich; Boeker, Heinz; Northoff, Georg, 2021. Anticipating control over aversive stimuli is mediated by the medial prefrontal cortex : an fMRI study with healthy adults. 
Human Brain Mapping. 42(13), S. 4327-4335.  

Wade-Bohleber, L.M.; Böker, H.; Grimm, S.; Gärtner, M.; Ernst, J.; Recher, D.A.; Buergi, N.; Seifritz, E.; Richter, A., 
2020. Depression is associated with hyperconnectivity of an introspective socio-affective network during the recall of formative relationship episodes. Journal of Affective Disorders. 274, S. 522-534. 

Selected oral conference contributions
Recher, Dominique & Kleim, Birgit, 2019. Sleep is Neglected in Evidence-Based Psychological Interventions for Suicidality. In: 9th World Congress of Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies, Berlin, July 17th-20th 2019