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Psychologisches Institut Experimentelle Psychopathologie und Psychotherapie

Johannes Vetter

Johannes Vetter, PhD

  • Eidg. Anerkannter Psychotherapeut

Curriculum vitae

Johannes Vetter completed his PhD analyzing subgroups and treatment courses in depressed patients. He is a psychotherapist for psychoanalytic psychotherapy (Freud Institute Zurich; Swiss Society for Psychoanalysis) and clinician scientist working at the Department for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics of the University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich.
His research interests focus on affective and personality disorders, psychotherapy research, general psychopathology, OPD-2 (Operationalized Psychodynamic Diagnosis) and psychiatric diagnostics as well as classification and coding systems.

Selected publications

Vetter, J. S., Spiller, T. R. Cathomas, F., Robinaugh, D., Brühl, A., Boeker, H. Seifritz, E., Kleim, B. (2021). Sex Differences in Depressive Symptoms and Their Networks in a Treatment-Seeking Population – a Cross Sectional Study, Journal of Affective Disorders.

Vetter, J. S., Schultebraucks, K., Galatzer-Levy, I. et al. Predicting non-response to multimodal day clinic treatment in severely impaired depressed patients: a machine learning approach. Sci Rep 12, 5455 (2022).

Hoff, P., Maatz, A. & Vetter, J. (2020). Diagnosis as dialogue: historical and current perspective. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. 2020;22(1). https://doi:10.31887/DCNS.2020.22.1/phoff

Vetter, J. & Hoff, P. (2022). Diagnostik und Klassifikation psychischer Störungen. In M. Claussen E. Seifritz: Sportpsychiatrie - über Psychische Störungen im (Hoch-) Leistungssport.

Vetter, J., Bohleber, L. & Böker, H. (2014). Psycho- und soziotherapeutische Interventionen bei bipolaren affektiven Störungen: Review. Zeitschrift für Psychiatrie Psychologie und Psychotherapie 62(4):265-272.

Hoff, P, Vetter, J. S. (2022). Hat die psychiatrische Diagnose eine Zukunft? Leading Opinions. Neurologie & Psychiatrie, 22:18-19.

Surbeck, W., Killeen, T., Vetter, J. & Hillebrandt, G. (2018). Sigmund Freud—early network theories of the brain. Acta Neurochirurgica.

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Vetter, J., Himmighoffen, H. & Böker, H. (2014). Mechanisms of defense and compensation in depression: The loss of the self and the psychosomatic approach in depression – A link to autistic states. Conference Paper. The 7th International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin-Spilling, Falling, Dissolving: Engaging Primitive Anxieties of the Emerging Self, 2014, Boston, USA.

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