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Psychologisches Institut Experimentelle Psychopathologie und Psychotherapie

Laura Sels

Laura Sels, Dr.

  • Postdoc
A3 11 (PUK)

Curriculum vitae

Laura did a research master in psychology at the KU Leuven, the University of Leuven, Belgium. In September 2018, she also completed her PhD there (in the Research Group of Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences) on dynamic interpersonal emotional processes in romantic relationships. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher in an SNF-funded project on the feasibility of a digital protocol to monitor and predict suicidal ideation.
Her research interests focus on the investigation of dynamic intra- and interpersonal psychological processes and how they relate to people’s well-being. To this end, she uses multi-method approaches (e.g., lab interactions and ecological momentary assessments) and advanced statistical analyses suitable for longitudinal data analysis.

Selected publications

International journal articles
Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., Bulteel, K., & Kuppens, P. (2016). Emotional interdependence and well-being in close relationships. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 283, 1-13.

Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., & Kuppens, P. (2017). Partner-expected affect: How you feel now is predicted by how your partner thought you felt before. Emotion, 17, 1066-1077.

Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., & Kuppens, P. (in press). A test of the peak-end rule in couples' conflict discussions. European Journal of Social Psychology.

Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., Pe, M. L., & Kuppens, P. (in press). The impact of emotions on romantic judgments: Sequential effects in a speed-dating study. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
Dejonckheere E., Mestdagh M., Houben M., Rutten E., Sels L., Kuppens P., Tuerlinckx F. (2019). Complex affect dynamic measures add limited information to the prediction of psychological well-being. Nature Human Behaviour.

Erbas, Y., Ceulemans, E., Blanke, E., Sels, L., Fischer, A. H., & Kuppens, P. (in press). Emotion differentiation dissected: Between-category, within-category, and integral emotion differentiation, and their relation to well-being. Cognition and Emotion.

Erbas, Y., Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., & Kuppens, P. (2016). Feeling me, feeling you: The relation between emotion differentiation and empathic accuracy. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 7, 240-247.

Chapters in books
Sels, L., Ceulemans, E., & Kuppens, P. (2018). A general framework for capturing interpersonal emotion dynamics: Associations with psychological and relational adjustment. In A. K. Randall & D. Schoebi (Eds.), Interpersonal emotion dynamics in close relationships (pp. 27-46)