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    Betreuungsperson der Bachelorarbeit: Prof. Dr. C. Hopwood

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  • Idiographic processes in psychopathology

    Beschreibung: Most research assumes that psychopathology is nomothetic, meaning that the same kinds of patterns generalize across people. For instance, most people have difficulties in situations in which they are disagreeable to others. However, some research suggests idiographic patterns, such as when some people might have problems in situations in which they are agreeable to others. The goal of this thesis is to review existing evidence supporting idiographic processes in psychopathology.
    Kontakt: Christopher Hopwood, E-Mail

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    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 04.03.2024)
  • A comprehensive review of mental health problems people might have

    Beschreibung: Recent models of psychopathology attempt to distinguish dispositions to have certain kinds of problems (such as personality traits or environmental contexts) from the actual problems people present with. A first step in making this distinction is generating a comprehensive list of all of the problems a person could have (e.g., arguing with a spouse, being late for work, impulsive gambling). The goal of this thesis would be to review the literature to identify measures of problems, as distinct from dispositions and environments, to begin generating a comprehensive taxonomy of the problems people might have.
    Kontakt: Christopher Hopwood, E-Mail

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    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 04.03.2024)
  • Beschreibung: Research finds that the adoption of vegetarian and vegan diets is associated with higher levels of depression and anxiety. This effect is most commonly attributed to nutritional deficits among those abstaining from meat consumption. However, such explanations ignore other important factors that might help to explain and add nuance to this relationship. For instance, recent research suggests that the relationship between meat consumption and wellbeing is curvilinear. Specifically, those who are in the process of reducing their meat consumption show the highest levels of depression compared to those who continue to eat meat and those who abstain from it. The goal of this thesis is to review the literature and develop a model of meat consumption and wellbeing.
    Kontakt: Nicholas Tan, E-Mail

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    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 12.12.2023)