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  • How to measure mental exhaustion?

    Beschreibung: Exhaustion is crucial to people's daily lives, impacting their overall wellbeing and performance. Measuring mental exhaustion is a challenging question that researchers have been working on. This thesis aims to review various indicators and approaches employed to effectively assess mental exhaustion. For instance, self-report scales, physiological markers, and cognitive performance tasks. The thesis shall offer valuable guidance for future research in understanding and addressing the complexities of the construct of exhaustion.

    Smith, Mitchell R., Rifai Chai, Hung T. Nguyen, Samuele M. Marcora, and Aaron J. Coutts. 2019. Comparing the Effects of Three Cognitive Tasks on Indicators of Mental Fatigue. The Journal of Psychology 153(8):759?83. doi: 10.1080/00223980.2019.1611530.

    Kontakt: Ziqi Zhang, M.Ed., E-Mail

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    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 11.07.2023)
  • Would you like to take part in my study? How do recruitment strategies affect research participation?

    Beschreibung: Psychological research often relies on the participation of volunteers. How to best find, motivate, and compensate participants is a recurring and important question. Of main interest for this thesis is the recruitment of participants from different age groups (young, middle-aged, and older adults). You might explore how different recruitment strategies affect sample bias and data quality or whether certain strategies are better suited for studies run in the lab, in the field, or online. There is also room in this thesis to reflect on ethical aspects of participant recruitment.

    Sharp, E. C., Pelletier, L. G., & Lévesque, C. (2006). The double-edged sword of rewards for participation in psychology experiments. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science / Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement, 38(3), 269?277.
    Kontakt: Tove Hensler, MSc, E-Mail

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    Status: offen (erfasst / geändert: 11.07.2023)