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Workshop 2: Migration and integration: social and community psychology perspectives

Teachers Rupert Brown (Sussex University) and Carolin Hagelskamp (Berlin School of Economics and Law)

In this workgroup, we will examine some of the challenges and opportunities that confront migrants in their attempts to integrate successfully in the majority ‘receiving’ society. One important issue for migrants is the development and management of multiple identities - so-called, ‘dual’, ’blended’, ‘complex’, ‘bicultural’, or ‘intersectional’ identities. Evidence is emerging that possessing such multiple identities can often be beneficial for migrant well-being, acceptance and achievement, but not always. The workshop will have the opportunity to investigate various issues on this general topic:

How best to conceptualise and measure multiple identification?

What are the contextual (interpersonal, group, community, organisational and/or policy) factors that inhibit or facilitate the benefits of migrant multiple identification?

What is the relationship between multiple identity development and integration? Is identity development a dimension of integration, an indicator of integration, its antecedent or an outcome?

Given our simultaneous focus on individual and contextual factors, the adoption of multi-level approaches to address chosen research questions will often be useful. 

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