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Psychologisches Institut

Workshop 1: Social relationships, health, and well-being


Karen Rook and Dara Sorkin (University of California, Irvine)

Description This workshop will delve into theory and research that address the various ways -- good and bad -- that social relationships affect human health and well-being.  We will begin by reviewing evidence for the claim that the need to form and maintain satisfying social relationships is a fundamental human motivation. We will then examine a number of different mechanisms by which social relationships may influence health and well-being, including the provision of social support, companionship, and social control (or regulation) both in everyday life and in the context of major life stress. We will also consider how this research might inform the design of interventions (including relatively brief priming and reframing interventions) to strengthen social ties or a sense of belonging in at-risk individuals.  Throughout the workshop, we will highlight new methods and research strategies for studying social relationships and health that might be useful as participants design their own research projects.

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