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New publication by Nicolas Langer, Bruno Hebling Vieira, Dawid Strzelczyk, Lukas Wolf, Andreas Pedroni, Marius Tröndle et al. in bioRxiv: «The AI Neuropsychologist: Automatic scoring of memory deficits with deep learning»

Memory deficits are a hallmark of many different neurological and psychiatric conditions. The Rey-Osterrieth complex figure (ROCF) is the state–of-the-art assessment tool for neuropsychologists across the globe to assess the degree of non-verbal visual memory deterioration. To obtain a score, a trained clinician inspects a patient’s ROCF drawing and quantifies deviations from the original figure. This manual procedure is time-consuming, slow and scores vary depending on the clinician’s experience, motivation and tiredness. Here, we leverage novel deep learning architectures to automatize the rating of memory deficits. For this, a multi-head convolutional neural network was trained on 20225 ROCF drawings. Unbiased ground truth ROCF scores were obtained from crowdsourced human intelligence. The neural network outperforms both online raters and clinicians. Our AI-powered scoring system provides healthcare institutions worldwide with a digital tool to assess objectively, reliably and time-efficiently the performance in the ROCF test from hand-drawn images.


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