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Studie "Music-assisted Reminiscence Therapy: The feasibility of training of age-care staff and the role of emotional co-regulation and culture"
Romy Engelbrecht, Andrea B. Horn, Beatrice Iten (Master student)
This project explored emotional co-regulation and culture in how care staff applied an evidence-based intervention called music-assisted reminiscence therapy (MRT) to help address the varied psychological and emotional needs of older adults. Staff in long term care in Switzerland and Australia were provided with training in the use of MRT, and mixed-method data was collected on how this intervention was applied and adapted in practice to support those in their care. Cultural differences and similarities were explored for the perceived needs of residents in care, the language and method used to implement MRT, and how staff identified and responded to emotion. This project was part of a grant awarded to Romy Engelbrecht (University of Queensland, visiting UZH until Feb 24) by the Swiss government and has been conducted in the healthy longevity centre UZH within the research group CoupleSense: Health and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation (head: Andrea B. Horn; master student Beatrice Iten).

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