Social Psychology

Social psychology stands in the field where the individual and the social environment meet. The focus of scientific study is, on the one side, on processes like perception, the mind, cognition, emotion, motivation, decision-making, and behavior. On the other side, social psychology also looks at social processes and interactions at various levels of social systems: micro-systems (like groups, partnerships, families), meso-systems (such as organizations and institutions), and macro-systems (such as societies and nations).

In addition to psychological and social factors, further aspects of the context must always be considered, such as physical, biological, socio-cultural, legal, and economic factors. Here, environment – understood in this comprehensive sense – is object, medium, framing condition, and product of human behavior.

Prof. Dr. em. H. Gutscher

As of February 1st, 2013, Prof. Dr. Johannes Ullrich has become head of the Social Psychology chair as the successor of Prof. em. Heinz Gutscher. Johannes Ullrich represents the topic of Social Cognition within the core area of SOB.

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Licentiate studies:

Informations about the licentiate studies with regard to the retirement of Prof. Gutscher can be found here. All further instructions concerning licentiate studies are listed on the new website of the Social Psychology chair.

8th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology