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Psychologisches Institut


Barra, Steffen (2017):  On the Heterogeneity of Juveniles Who Have Sexually Offended: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Occurrence, Maintenance, and Prediction of Crime  

Binder, Julia Claudia (2016): Plasticity in healthy old age: a multi-domain training approach

Blöchliger, Olivia (2017): Towards a Greater Understanding of Why Child Care Teachers Leave: Examining Job Resources, Job Demands, Well-Being, Turnover Intention, and Turnover among Lead and Assistant Teachers  in a Swiss Community 

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Denzinger, Ferdinand (2017): The Malleability of Implicit Motives: How Basic Motivational Orientations Are Affected by Time, Situations, and People  

Gander, Fabian (2015): Online Positive Psychology Interventions Based on Pleasure, Engagement, Meaning, Positive Relationships, and Accomplishement: Measurement, Validation of Interventions, and Exploration of Working Mechanisms

Ghassemi-Tabrizi, Mirjam (2017): The Action Crisis in the Disengagement Process from Personal Goals     

Gvozdanovic, Geraldine (2017): Neural Correlates of Traumatic Memory Consolidation and Retrieval     

Heintz, Sonja (2017): Humor Styles and Beyond: The Role of Individual Differences in Humor for Psychosocial Well-Being and the Importance of Construct Validity   

Koch, Ursula (2017): Change Processes in Healthcare: From Patient Centered Medical Homes to Clinical-Community Networks. Key Factors for Successful Implementation and Lessons Learned 

Kuhn, Rebecca (2017): The Dynamics of Dyadic Coping: A Micro-Analysis of Couples’ Stress Conversations    

Leuzinger, Samuel (2017): Die psychoanalytische Stichweise der Sucht - eine Evaluation psychoanalytischer Suchttheorien

Loewe, Mirjam (2017): Der Risikoorientierte Sanktionenvollzug (ROS) – Ergebnisse und Erkenntnisse einer Evaluation      

Macauda, Gianluca (2017): Behavioral and Neural Aspects of the Vestibular Influence on Bodily Self Consciousness    

Machmutow, Katja (2017): Relapse-Preventive Efforts to Sustain Long-Term Remission in Depressive Disorders    

Maric, Angelina (2017): Chronically Increased Sleep Pressure: Electrophysiological Correlates and Behavioral Consequences    

Neff, Patrick (2017): Neuroplasticity and -Modulation in Tinnitus: Understanding Brain Imprints and Suppression of a Phantom Sound    

Neysari, Mona (2017): Temporal and Situational Dynamics of Dyadic Verbal Communication in Intimate Relationships across the Lifespan    

Niklaus, Marcel (2017): Properties and Mechanisms of the Focus of Attention in Working Memory

Noser, Emilou (2017): Facial Appearance and Its Association with Bio-Psychosocial Parameters in Healthy Men

Paz, Raquel (2017): Can Text Messages Make You Change? Mobile Phone-Based Interventions for Tobacco and Alcohol Use Reduction in Adolescents

Schoch-Ruppen, Jessica (2017): Perceived Chronic Stress and Implicit Motives in Middle-Aged Men     

Schroeder, Clemens (2017): The Shape of Brain Structures, Cortical Thickness, and Resting State fMRI as Tools for Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Progression  

Shim, Jin Young (2015): Exchange of Social Support within the Older Generation: Evidence from Korea

Steiger, Vivian (2017): Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Treatment-Induced and Experience-Dependent Brain Plasticity    

Weber, Sabine (2017): Health-Related Quality of Life and Service Provision in Maltreated Children

Wellenzohn, Sara (2015): Development and evaluation of humor-based online positive psychology interventions in placebo-controlled designs

Wunderli, Michael (2017): Chronic Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine on Social and Non-Social Cognition 

Xiu, Daiming (2017): Memory, Emotion and Grief: Investigating Processes and a Clinical Application 

Zuberer, Agnieszka (2017): Specificity of Neurofeedback Training in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Multilevel Modeling of EEG-Learning