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Psychologisches Institut


Amiel Castro, Rita  (2016):  Maternal Mental Health during Pregnancy: Associations with Breastfeeding and Infant Temperament

Anderegg, Valentina (2016): Hello Baby, Bye-Bye Love? – Chances and Challenges During the Transition to Parenthood 

Auerbach, Sarah (2016): Send in the Clowns? Emotional Reactions to Hospital Clown Interventions

Bachem, Rahel (2016): Contributions to Stress Response Syndromes: The Intrapersonal Resource of Sense of Coherence and an Intervention for Adjustment Disorders

Brantschen, Elisabeth (2016): Motivationale Aspekte bei Supported Employment

Eberhard-Moscicka, Aleksandra Katarzyna (2015):  Visual Word Processing in the Context of Learning to read

Faber, Pascal (2016): Brain Electric Idiosyncrasies and Commonalities of Meditation  States

Fuhrer, Mirjam (2016): Assessment and Improvement of Unfamiliar Face Processing and Identity Verification in Security and Forensics

Geisseler, Olivia (2016): Neural Correlates of Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Giroud, Nathalie (2016): Dynamics of Electrophysiology and Morphology in Older Adults with Age-Related Hearing Loss

Grütter, Jeanine (2016): The Role of Socio-Moral Development, Cross-Group Friendship and Teacher Behavior for Peer Group Inclusivity

Hubmann, Priska (2016): Child Development: Adaptive Behavior and Biological Embedding 

Jenny, Annette (2016): Die Entwicklung eines Masses zur Suffizienz. Das subjektiv genügende Mass (SGM)

Jost, Lea (2016): Audiovisual Integration of Words and Processing of Native and Non-Native Speech Sounds

Küffer, Andreas (2016): Contributions to Stress-Response Research: Telomere Length and Transgenerational Aspects in Former Indentured Child Laborers

Lehmann, Mick (2016): Modulatory Effects of Emotional Arousal on Cueing during Sleep and Retrieval Mechanisms 

Lin, Hsuan-Yu (2016): A Computational Model of Short-Term Recognition and Recall

Lozza, Niclà (2016): Psychobiological Findings on Interpersonal Behavior during Competition

Lüthi, Matthias (2016): Neural Mechanisms of Self-Control Exertion

Lutz, Jacqueline (2016): Neural Correlates of Mindfulness – Investigating Self-Related Processes in Mindfulness Meditators Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Marbach-Hofer, Jacqueline (2016): Impact of Cognitive Function on Treatment and Course of the Disease: A Study on Executive Function in Patients with Alcohol Dependence

McCaskey, Ursina (2016): Development of Magnitude and Number Representation and its Relation to Space in Typically Developing Children and Children with Developmental Dyscalculia

Meier, Irene (2016): Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography-Derived Neurodegenerative and Cerebrovascular Markers of Alzheimer's Disease

Milz, Patricia (2016): Brain Electric Mechanisms of Modalities of Thinking

Mouthon, Anne-Laure (2016): Brain Plasticity and Sleep in the Course of Development and after Acquired Brain Injury

Müller, Angela (2016): The Intrinsic Network Architecture of the Aging Brain: How Does It Relate to Cognition and Behavior?

Müller, Liliane (2016): Senso of Humor and positive Psychology: Investigating dimensions of sense of humor, character strengths and slife satisfaction

Pfeifer, Livia (2016): Discrepancies Between Patient and Caregiver Apathy Ratings in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease

Philipp, Michel (2016): Contributions to Machine Learning and Psychometrics — Computational, Graphical and Statistical Methods for Assessing Stability

Richter, Lea (2016): Nonverbales Kreditierungshandeln von Psychotherapeuten in psychotherapeutischen Erstgesprächen

Röthlin, Philipp (2016): Wie Achtsamkeit den Umgang mit Emotionen und Gedanken im Leistungssport begünstigt

Rogenmoser, Lars (2016): Tracking Auditory Processing and Emotional Response to Music Using EEG 

Seimetz, Elisabeth (2016): Behaviour, Cognitions, and the Environment: The Influence of Contextual Factors and Social-Cognitive Determinants on Handwashing Practices in Infrastructure-Restricted Settings

Sollberger, Silja (2016): Pro-Environmental Behavior: A Psychobiological Perspective

Sonego, Ina (2016): Explaining Latrine Cleanliness: Habitual Latrine Cleaning, Psychosocial Factors, Contextual Factors and General Hygiene Practice

Studerus-Germann, Aline (2016): Psychological Recovery after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:  Evaluating Diagnostic Approaches and Return to Work

Viering, Sandra (2016): The Effectiveness of Individual Placement and Support for  Disability Pensioners in Switzerland

Waldvogel, Patricia (2016): Biopsychosocial Determinants of Well-Being in Contemporary Fatherhood  

Walther, Andreas (2016): Psychoneuroendocrinology of Aging Men: Changes, Consequences and Counteractions 

Wehrle, Flavia (2016): Mapping of Executive Functions in Children and Adolescent Born Very Preterm

Wotruba, Diana (2016): Neurobiological Investigation of Salience Processing in the Pre-Psychotic State

Xu, Feng (2016): Mechanisms of Stress and Dyadic Coping in Chinese Couples: A Perspective of Between-Person and Within-Person Processes

Zeltner, Nina (2016): Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire for Children and Adolescents with Intoxication-Type Inborn Errors of Metabolism