Cultural Clinical Psychology – Young Researchers Network

Invitation to the Cultural Clinical Psychology – Young Researchers Network (CCP-YRN) LAUNCH WORKSHOP

March 4-5th, 2019

What is Cultural-Clinical Psychology?

Cultural Clinical Psychology: Emerging Innovations and Opportunities

Cultural-Clinical Psychology exists at the intersection of two academic traditions: cultural psychology and clinical psychology. This field represents the ongoing evolution of a decades-long effort by psychologists to understand the ways in which culture shapes mental and physical health and well-being.

About the Workshop:

The Division of Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention, UZH, will host a 2-day workshop with international experts in cultural clinical psychology,March 4-5th at the University of Zurich.

International experts will be attending from Canada (Professor Andrew Ryder), the USA (Professor Yulia Chentsova), Germany (Dr Ulrike von Lersner), Lebanon (Dr Eva Heim), as well as experts from across Switzerland (Professor Corina Salis Gross, Professor Tania Zittoun, Professor Andreas Maercker, Dr Myriam Thoma, Dr Naser Morina).

Program, Registration, and Abstract Submission:

The workshop is open to PostDoc, PhD, and MSc students who wish to present their research projects as a short presentation or a poster. There is no registration fee, attendance is free (with registration). Funding by the UZH Graduate Campus via a GRC Grant is gratefully acknowledged.

For more information and to register by February 8th see the link below: