Peer Mentoring Projekt R Group (R)

Goals of the Peer Mentoring Group

Our overriding goal is to enhance our career development by expanding our statistics knowledge and experience. We aim to continue to learn to conduct advanced data analyses with R. The main focus points are longitudinal analyses, multi-level analyses and structural equation modeling. 

Past workshops in 2019-2020

Dr. Paul-Christian Bürkner: Bayesian multilevel analysis with R package “brms” (co-organized with the Department of Economics, UZH)

Prof. Dr. Yves Rosseel: Structural equation modeling with R package "lavaan" 

Dr. Kirill Müller: Programming in the R package "tidyverse" (co-organized with the “Zurich R Courses”) 

Dr. Dries Debeer: Good practices in working with R Studio


Past career talks 2019-2020

Dr. Michaela Knecht: Lecturer and researcher at the Hochschule für Angewandte Psychologie (FHNW). 

Dr. Sabrina Guye: Real-world data scientist at Roche. 

Dr. Irene Meier: Product and innovation manager at Altoida, Inc. (


Laura Minxia Luo (Gerontopsychology, UZH) 

Dr. Brian Cardini (Developmental Psychology: Adulthood, UZH) 

Dr. Burcu Demiray (Gerontopsychology, UZH)

Group members

We are a peer mentoring group consisting of PhD students, Postdocs, and senior researchers from multiple faculties of the UZH (mainly from the department of psychology, but also the department of economy and geography).

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr Klaus Oberauer

Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl

New members are welcome!

To register, please contact the organizers.