Approved Research Projects

Since 2016, only as PI:

2018-2022 SNF Project (100014_175875): A „Neurometric” Approach to Cognitive Aging (504’393 CHF)
2019-2022 Velux Foundation (1126): A Neurocognitive Assessment of Healthy Aging (206’000 CHF)
2019-2020 ZNZ PhD Grant: Investigating neuroanatomical characteristics of data-driven ADHD subgroups in an existing large sample (55’821 CHF)
2020-2024 SNF BRIDGE Discovery: Machine-based Scoring of a Neuropsychological Test: The Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (825’835 CHF)
2020-2024 SNF Doc.CH (Noemi Dannecker): A window into the human mind: Semantic coherence as a marker for adaptive and maladaptive thought (335’593 CHF)
2021-2023 SNF Project (10001C_197480): Predicting future cognitive decline from non-brain risk factors and multimodal brain imaging data (287’420 CHF)
2021-2023 EU project: MSCA  - Beautiphul Mind (Dorothea Floris) (101025785) (191’149 EUR)