Marte Roel

Marte Roel, Dr.


Tel.: +41 44 635 72 63

Raumbezeichnung: BIN 3.B.24

Short biography

Marte Roel Lesur is an interdisciplinary researcher with a diverse background in cognitive neuropsychology, arts, philosophy, and technology. His academic work aims at studying the sense of body, questioning the boundaries of self and other, ultimately focusing on the blurriness of our body boundaries. Beyond academia, his practice aims at facilitating spaces for both verbal and non-verbal dialogue, often relying on technology and manipulations of perception. He has been a lecturer in several institutions and taught courses in different settings around the globe, including the Zurich University of the Arts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, between tens of others. Furthermore, Marte has worked in several conflict settings in Mexico, Palestine, Spain, and Israel, between others, applying diverse methods to find alternative routes of dialogue with transformative potential. He is co-founder of the action research group BeAnotherLab, creators of the Machine to Be Another, a multisensory collaborative platform that generates the illusion of embodying another real person. The group has been awarded internationally and holds collaborations with several research institutions worldwide.

Research interests

  • The plasticity of the bodily self and the blurriness of self-other bounds, together with the social and ontological implications of these ideas.
  • The development of technoscientific knowledge that promotes social integration, rather than alienation.
  • The inclusion of diverse epistemologies in rigorous understanding of phenomena.


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