Gastvortrag Evette Ludman, Ph.D.

Evette Ludman,
Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 4:15 to 5:45 PM, University of Zurich, Department of Psychology, Binzmühlestrasse 14, Room BIN-0-K.02, BIN-1-B.01.
Telephone administered psychotherapy - an option to optimize the treatment for patients with mental health problems?
Few individuals who could benefit from psychotherapy for depression actually receive it. Telephone psychotherapy and organized depression care programs have the potential to greatly increase the population of patients receiving evidence-based care. At this seminar Dr. Ludman will present the original Seattle primary-care based telephone psychotherapy study and an overview of recent efforts to adapt and extend outreach psychotherapy models worldwide.

Here are some  papers that may be of interest:

1. Tutty S, Spangler DL, Poppleton LE, Ludman EJ, Simon GE. (2010). Evaluating the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral teletherapy in depressed adults. Behavior Therapy, 41:229-236.

2. Dwight- Johnson M, Aisenberg E, Golinelli D, O’Brien M, Ludman EJ. (2011). A randomized pilot study of telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy for rural Latinos. Psychiatric Services, 62:936-942.

3. McClure JB, Catz SL, Ludman EJ, Richards J, Riggs K, Grothaus L. (2011). Feasibility and acceptability of a multiple risk factor intervention: the Step Up randomized pilot trial. BMC Public Health, Mar 11:167.

4. Lerner D, Adler D, Hermann RC, Chang H, Ludman EJ, Greenhill A, Perch K, McPeck WC, Rogers WH. (2012). Impact of a work-focused intervention on the productivity and symptoms of employees with depression. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 54(2):128-135.