Department of Psychology – Psychological Methods, Evaluation and Statistics



Psychoco 2016 – International Workshop on Psychometric Computing:
February 18-19, 2016
Université de Liège, Belgium

JSS Special Volume:
Psychometric Computing in R

Welcome to the workgroup for Psychological Methods, Evaluation and Statistics!

The workgroup for Psychological Methods, Evaluation and Statistics is engaged in research, teaching and consulting concerning the development, validation and application of statistical methods for measuring psychological constructs and analyzing data from experimental and non-experimental studies. On the following pages you can find further information about the members of our workgroup and their academic activities.
Our main research areas range from the measurement of latent traits by means of psychometric models to the analysis of high-dimensional datasets with machine learning approaches. In all research areas existing statistical methods are being applied to complex practical problems, their statistical properties are being investigated theoretically and by means of extensive simulation studies, and new statistical methods are being developed for solving practical research questions. In order to make them promptly available to a broad, international audience for research and teaching, we implement our newly developed statistical methods in the free open-source software R. Further information about our research can be found here. 
Our teaching covers the theoretical foundations of classical and modern statistical analysis procedures as well as their practical application and the interpretation of the results. Besides SPSS, many of our advanced courses are taught with the free open-source software R, that allows the users to employ not only the standard analysis procedures also offered by commercial software programs, but also the latest methodological developments, that can be made available as add-on packages within a short time. Moreover, R enables its users to conduct their own simulation studies and develop new statistical methods themselves. Further information about our teaching can be found in the university calendar.