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Fontiers in Human Neuroscience

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Brain Structure and Function

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Hearing Research

Giroud, N., Lemke, U., Reich, P., Matthes, K. L. & Meyer, M. (2017).
The Impact of Hearing Aids and Age-Related Hearing Loss on Auditory Plasticity across Three Months - an Electrical Neuroimaging Study.
Hearing Research, e-pub ahead of print.

jacket Image for Third Age Learners of Foreign Languages Kliesch, M., Giroud, N., Pfenninger, S. E. & Meyer, M. (in press).
Research on Second Language Acquisition in Old Adulthood: What We Have and What We Need. In: D. Gabrys-Barker (ed.). Third Age Learners of Foreign Languages. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
frontiers in Aging Neuroscience


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10 Hz Amplitude Modulated Sounds Induce Short-Term Tinnitus Suppression.
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9:130.

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

Peter, N., Kleinjung, T., Jeker, R., Meyer, M., Klaghofer, R. & Weidt, S. (2017). Tinnitus Functional Index: Validation of the German Version for Switzerland. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 15:94

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Meyer, M., Neff. P., Grest, A., Hemsley, C., Weidt, S. & Kleinjung, T. (2017).
EEG Oscillatory Power Dissociates between Distress- and Depression-Related Psychopathology in Subjective Tinnitus. Brain Research 1663:194-204.

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Giroud, N., Lemke, U., Reich, P., Matthes, K. L. & Meyer, M. (2017).
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Journal of Neurosciene Methods


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Journal of Neurotrauma


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Fontiers in Human Neuroscience


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Gehirn & Geist


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BMC Neuroscience


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Journal of Neuroscience Research


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